How to install cryptography extension libsodium for php7.0.27

After trying to install this extension using pecl without much success,

I had the following message

Warning cannot install module.These settings must match
To summarize, the pecl extension was not compiled with the right version of php.

The short tutorial I show you here works well and have been tested on
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and php7.0.27.

How to send an email in text and html using Joomla! 3 JMail api?

Hello super joomlers!

By default, you can only send and email in text only or html only with JMail api in Joomla! 3.

But with this code snippet, you can send both, html and text email at the same time.

This is useful to improve your score and find your email less and less in your customers spams mailbox.

Here is the code.

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